Amazing Barley was found by Maritoni Fernandez when she got breast cancer 20 years ago.

Meet our supplier / owner and the living testimony of Barley, Ms. Maritoni Fernandez a.k.a., Barley Queen. She discovered barley in the internet and took it along with her chemo theraphy. 

Maritoni Fernandez before losing hair

Her Battle Against Breast Cancer

The Portacath

Infusion of Chemo

Life is good she is alive

Her Doctor said that she can't bare a child anymore...

Taking BARLEY regularly after 3 years, she have another baby boy! 

Maritoni has son after 3 years!

To cut the long story short.. after series of check up

She is now more than 19+ years cancer survivor!

Maritoni Fernandez

Maritoni Fernandez

Maritoni Fernandez

Maritoni Fernandez more than 19 years cancer free


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